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CAPA offers classes in various styles of dance and musical theatre ages 18 mos. through all adult age groups.  


In this class, students will learn basic foundations and techniques for building sound and rhythm with the use of their feet.  Tap instills an alert, quick thinking mind, using percussion to create rhythm and timing.  


In this class for ages 9 and up, students will learn classical terminology and technique, body positions, proper placement/alignment through barre, center, and across-the-floor exercises.  Ballet teaches both poise and grace through controlled movement.  Ballet is the core foundation for all dancers.


In this class for ages 6 and up, students will learn proper aspects of warming up their body, building strength and flexibility, with a focus on dynamics and style through technique with an emphasis on rhythm and coordination.  


In this high-energy class for ages 5 and up, students will have fun developing their individual style and personality as they learn old and new styles of hip-hop,  rhythmic grooves and body  isolations.  

Lyrical / Contemporary

In this 11 and up class, students will learn how to expand their ballet and jazz technique/movement to express their dancing (through lyrics in music) with emotion and style.  Previous ballet/jazz training is highly recommended as this class is an extension of these dance styles.

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Early Childhood Classes

Just-Us: (ages 18 mos. - 3 yrs.)  Join a bonding and interactive class for your child to express their emotions through creative movement, song, and dance.  Students will build strength and coordination, discovering individual creativity while developing locomotor skills in a fun and engaging environment.  (adult participation is required in this class only)

Movement Magic: (ages 3-4 yrs.)  This class is a combination of Tap, Ballet, and basic tumbling. Students will learn the joy of rhythm and movement in various styles of dance, building friendships while promoting discipline, listening skills and following directions in a fun atmosphere. 

Movin' on Up! :  (ages 5-6 yrs.)  This class takes "Movement Magic" to the next level, expanding and increasing the level and difficulty of technique to prepare students to move up to higher levels of specific genres of dance.  

Movin' Out : (ages 6-8 yrs.)  In this class, dancers will enjoy an interactive class that builds on basic movements in Ballet, Tap, and Jazz. The Jazz class includes an introduction to proper warm-ups and stretches for the body combined with across-the-floor progressions and mini combinations. The Tap portion of the class will concentrate on building confidence through mastering more difficult rhythmic patterns and steps. The Ballet portion of class includes an introduction to the ballet barre and learning more challenging steps.

Jazz Technique &

Drill Team / Dance Team Prep

This one hour class (middle school - high school) is designed to give the student all of the tools needed to take their school dance program experience to the next level.  This class will emphasize perfecting the necessary skills like flexibility, strength, technique, and the leaps and turns required to give students the best chance to make the team.  

Adult Classes

Classes will be offered throughout the year in 8 week sessions, based on interest expressed by those involved in the program.  Dance disciplines taught will include Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Ballet, and special opportunities for other master classes.  

Musical Theatre

In this class for ages 6 and up, students will dance, act and sing along to their favorite musicals learning how to be true a "Triple Threat."  Students will learn auditioning techniques and stage/performance etiquette through interactive games and activities.  Students will develop stage presence and confidence through live performances both at the studio and in the community.  

Vocal & Music lessons

Vocal Lessons Now Happening!

Call or email to get your child signed up today!

Coming Soon: Guitar, Piano, Drums


Folklorico is a traditional dance that comes from different states in Mexico. The folk dance of Mexico is a storytelling dance form with vibrant costumes and lively and cheerful music. This class is for ages 4-10.


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