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Studio Rental

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Are you looking for a clean, professional place to rehearse, dance or jam?  If so, Class Act Performing Arts offers all of these amenities:

  • Sport Court flooring with 3mm rubberized underlayment (it's easy on the joints!)

  • Plenty of power for amps and instruments

  • EV Evolve P.A. for vocals or your pre-recorded music

  • Air Conditioning

  • Two clean restrooms

  • Lounge with two couches for breaks & family

  • 2 BlueZone industrial air purification systems (they kill 99.9995% of Covid-19, Influenza, & other airborne viruses.)

  • A wall full of mirrors (so YOU can see what your audience sees)

Rates & Availability:

Rate:  $35 per hour

For Dance, our studio is available for rental anytime on Fridays or Sundays.  Full availability is listed below, other times may also be available as some classes on schedule may not be in session.  Please inquire!


Monday:  9am - 3pm & 10pm - 2am

Tuesday:  10pm - 2am

Wednesday:  10pm - 2am

Thursday:  9am - 4pm

Friday:  9am - ???

Saturday:  3pm - 2am

Sunday:  9am - 2am

For Music/Band Rehearsal, the studio availability is listed below:

Monday:  10pm - 2am

Tuesday:  10pm - 2am

Wednesday:  10pm - 2am

Thursday:  10pm - 2am

Friday:  10pm - 2am

Saturday:  10pm - 2am

Sunday:  10pm - 2am


  • No smoking in the building

  • You break it, you bought it

Notice:  While at Class Act Performing Arts, you are subject to both video and audio monitoring 24 hours a day.  



Please contact us today to secure your spot!

Phone:  (210) 646-4622

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